Spokesman's Comment on Taiwan's issuance of a new "passport" (17/06/2003)

Q:  What’s your comment on Taiwan's issuance of a new  "passport" scheduled to begin on Sept. 1, which will bear the word "TAIWAN" on its cover?
A: There is only one China in the world, which includes both the mainland and Taiwan. China's sovereignty and territorial integrity allows for no separation. Taiwan's decision to issue the new "passport" with the word “TAIWAN” on its cover is part of splitting activities for "gradual Taiwan independence". It constitutes another serious step undermining relations across the Taiwan Straits, something which cannot but put all Chinese people on high alert.  Regardless of the tricks played by the Taiwan authorities, it will not change the fact that Taiwan is a part of China and the attempt by the Taiwan authorities to seek separation and "Taiwan independence" will never succeed. The international community should respect China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity and remain alert to the attempts by the Taiwan authorities to split China.

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