Hu Jintao Attends the Welcome Meeting Held by the Philippine Chinese from Different Circles and Delivers a Speech

At noon of April 28, 2005, President Hu Jintao attended the welcome meeting held by the Philippine Chinese from different circles and delivered an important speech in Manila. He emphasized that under the new situation of the deepening of the world multi-polarization and economic globalization, China-Philippine relations are faced with new development opportunities. He hoped that the Philippine Chinese would continue to make contributions to the development of bilateral relations.

On the afternoon of April 28, the grand ballroom of Manila Hotel was decorated with lanterns and streamers and overflowed with the festival atmosphere. 1400 representatives of Philippine Chinese from different communities gathered here early and held a welcome meeting for Hu Jintao's visit to the Philippines. After Lucio Tan, the famous Chinese entrepreneur in the Philippines and the leader among the Philippine Chinese delivered a welcome speech, Hu Jintao made an important speech.

Hu Jintao firstly extended his cordial greetings and best wishes towards all Philippine Chinese. He said that China and the Philippines are friendly neighbors. The traditional friendship of the people of both countries has witnessed a long history. The profound friendship like families established by the people of China and the Philippines in the very long history is the valuable treasure of the people of both countries.

Hu Jintao said that since establishing diplomatic relations 30 years ago, China-Philippine economic and trade relations have achieved unprecedented progresses and become a powerful impetus of development of bilateral relations. The course of the diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines with a history 30 years long indicated that the consolidation of China-Philippine friendly cooperation accords with the fundamental interests of the people and our two countries and is conducive to promoting regional peace, stability and prosperity. They both agreed that in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, both countries should deepen the cooperation in politics, economy, trade, culture, security, and other areas, devote themselves to establishing strategic cooperative relations that aim at peace and development, safeguard regional peace and achieve common development.

Hu Jintao said that most Philippine Chinese have lived in harmony with local Philippine people for a long time and made important contribution to the development of Philippine economy and society with their hard work and wisdom. The Philippine Chinese have served as a bridge to advance China-Philippine friendly cooperation. The pleasing scenario of today's China-Philippine relationship is the result of not only the joint efforts by the governments and people of both countries, but also the diligence and hard work by the Philippine Chinese of all circles. At present China-Philippine relations are in a new period of comprehensive development. It is hoped that everyone can grasp the chance and make persistent efforts so as to make new contribution to China-Philippine friendly cause.

Chen Yongzai said that most Philippine Chinese believed that President Hu Jintao's visit to the three countries of Southeast Asia is of important significance in strengthening the relations between China and ASEAN countries and boosting the bilateral cooperation. Most Philippine Chinese have unswervingly pursued one-China policy and supported China's grand cause of peaceful reunification. Various Philippine Chinese leagues and societies will continue to make contribution to advancing China-Philippine relations and China's grand cause of peaceful reunification.

Before attending the welcome meeting, Hu Jintao took group photo with representatives from different organizations composed of the Philippine Chinese.

On the morning of the same day, Hu Jintao met with the staffs of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, Chinese-funded enterprises, and Chinese news agencies in the Philippines and the representatives of Chinese students in the Philippines in the hotel where he stayed. He also placed a wreath at the Philippine national hero Rizal monument, received the city key presented by the mayor of Manila city and visited the Philippine Chinese History Museum.

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