Hu Jintao Meets with President Haruhiko Kuroda of Asian Development Bank (ADB)

On the afternoon of April 27, 2005, President Hu Jintao who was paying a state visit to the Philippines met with President Haruhiko Kuroda of ADB in the hotel where he stayed, exchanging the views widely on further expanding the cooperation between China and ADB.

Hu Jintao positively commented on the effective cooperation for many years between China and ADB. He said that ADB's loans and technological aids to China have helped the economic development and infrastructure construction of China. ADB has also raised some helpful suggestions in the fields of macro-management and financial policies.

Hu Jintao introduced the strategy of the economic and social development of China to Haruhiko Kuroda. He emphasized that China will unswervingly advance the reform and opening-up and attach importance to the cooperation with international financial organizations. He expressed that according to the situation and the development strategy of China and ADB, both sides could strengthen cooperation in such fields as follows. First, the range of the credit cooperation will be expanded. At present the cooperation has given priority to the field of infrastructure construction. The cooperation in such fields as China's agriculture, public health, culture, education and environmental protection will be covered. Second, the cooperation in the regional development will be enhanced, including the cooperation in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) and the cooperation among ASEAN, China, Japan and the Republic of Korea. Third, both sides will strengthen the cooperation in the poverty alleviation and the development projects of the developing countries. The poverty alleviation and the development are the common missions that the developing countries face. China is willing to learn the useful experiences from other developing countries.

Haruhiko Kuroda expressed that ADB has maintained an outstanding cooperation relationship with China. He expressed his appreciation to the Chinese government for providing the donation of US$ 30 million for the Asian Development Fund and US$ 20 million to set up the Chinese Poverty Alleviation and Regional Cooperation Fund in ADB. He said that ADB fully agrees with the three suggestions raised by President Hu and will make joint efforts with the Chinese side to make the cooperation between both sides more effective.

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