Chinese President Xi extends condolences to Philippine president over typhoon

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday extended condolences to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte over casualties and damage caused by Typhoon Nock-ten.

In a message, Xi sent condolences to the Philippine president, and through him, to the people affected by the disaster.

China and the Philippines are friendly neighbors, and the Chinese government and people are deeply worried about the Philippine people who have been hit and become homeless in the disaster, Xi said, adding China is ready to provide emergency assistance.

Xi expressed the belief that the Philippine people, under the leadership of Duterte and his government, will overcome the disaster and rebuild their homes.

Nock-ten, which battered the northern part of the Philippines on Christmas Day, has left six people dead and 19 others missing, and incurred damage worth 80 million U.S. dollars.

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