Speech of H.E. Ambassador Song Tao on the Launching and Induction of Officers of the Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

H.E. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo,

Hon. Senate President Manuel Villar,

Hon. Speaker Jose de Venecia, Jr.,

Ambassador Francis Chua,

Mr. John Tan, President of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Mr. John Co, President of the Philippine Chinese Chamber of

Commerce and Industry,

Mr. Anson Tan, President of the Chamber,

Representatives from the Filipino-Chinese Communities,

Dear guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening!

Today witnesses the establishment of the Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and also the induction of its first-term officers. First of all, on behalf of the Chinese embassy in the Philippines, I would like to extend my warmest congratulation to all of you, and kind regard and sincere respect to all Filipino Chinese and guests present.

Ladies and gentlemen,

China and Philippine are friendly neighbors across the sea, and the two peoples enjoy long-standing traditional friendship. Over the past three decades since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Philippine, thanks to the joint efforts of the two governments and the peoples, our political trust has been constantly enhanced, the personnel exchanges on the increase, the economic and trade cooperation rapidly developed and the cultural exchange increasingly flourished. All these show that our bilateral relations has entered into the golden age of comprehensive development. In the early time of this year, premier Wen Jiabao paid a successful visit to the Philippine and achieved plentiful results. Over the past one year, President Arroyo has visited China four times, pushing forward the steady development of the China-Philippine friendship to a new high. The sound and smooth progress of our bilateral relations not only brings benefits to our two governments and peoples, but also creates more favorable environment for the life and development of the vast overseas Chinese here.

With the sound and smooth development of the Chinese-Philippine relations, more and more Chinese people have come here to conduct trade, do business, travel and even settle down. All of them are eagerly hoping to have an organization in order to enhance mutual contact, exchanges and cooperation. In this way, it can not only promote the stronger development of their business, but also play a positive role in driving forward the social and economic progress of the Philippines and the friendly relations of our two countries.

I hope, the Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry will take its establishment as the opportunity to actively help the Chinese immigrants enter into the Philippine mainstream society, greatly devote itself into the local social and economic construction and make contribution to the Philippine prosperity and stability. As we have known, under the leadership of President Arroyo, in recent years, Philippine has obtained remarkable achievements in the social and economic development. Especially in this year, the Philippine economy has gained a rapid rise, making a new historic record and being on the front list among the Asian countries. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere congratulations to President Arroyo, the Philippine government and people. Meanwhile, I hope, the Commerce would greatly promote the business and personnel exchanges between China and Philippine, furthering the friendly development of our bilateral relations, thus benefiting our two great peoples. The Chinese embassy in the Philippines would do it best to provide due support and help.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Taiwan issue involves China's core interest, so the Chinese government and people are highly concerned of the Taiwan issue. We highly appreciate that the Philippine government has firmly pursued one China policy. And we are also very glad to see that the Filipino Chinese have paid great concern to Chinese peaceful reunification cause and played important role in promoting the development of the relations across the Taiwan Straits for the long time. The people of the mainland and Taiwan are of the same blood and share a common destiny. The realization of the complete reunification serves as the common aspiration of the Chinese people home and abroad. It conforms to the common interest of all the Chinese people including the Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese. We sincerely hope, the vast Filipino Chinese including the Chamber would strengthen solidarity, call for kindness and honesty, and make new contribution to the great cause of reunification of your home country.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, the first-term officers of the Chamber have been inducted. I believe, under the leadership of Chairman John Co and President Anson Tan, the Chamber will adhere to its aim and make unified and coordinated efforts to make greater contribution to the interest of the Chamber and the overseas Chinese in the Philippines, to the social progress and development of the Philippines, to the enhancement of the friendly relations of our two countries and to China's peaceful reunification cause.

Lastly, I wish all of you have prosperous business, happy family, enjoy good health and everything goes smoothly.

Thank you!

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