Ambassador Huang Xilian: All Chinese projects will continue as planned

On 1 September 2020, Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian answered the following question during a local radio program interview.

Q: We took note that the US imposed restrictions on 24 PRC state-owned enterprises and executives for activities in the South China Sea. And Presidential Spokesperson Harrry Roque just said that Sangley Project would continue. All the other projects involving Chinese companies that were banned in the US can continue in the Philippines. President Duterte will not follow the directive of the Americans because we are not a vassal state of any foreign power, but an independent country. The Philippines' national interest is to ensure the completion of flagship projects under the 'Build Build, Build' program. What is your comment?

A: Recently, the US State Department and Commerce Department imposed sanctions on some Chinese companies and citizens. China is firmly opposed to this. The participation of Chinese companies and individuals in domestic construction activities is legitimate, lawful and beyond reproach, lies entirely within its sovereignty. The move by the US side, under the pretext of protecting the South China Sea, grossly interferes in China's internal affairs and aims to drive a wedge between China and regional countries.

We have taken note of the statement made by the Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque that President Duterte charted an independent foreign policy course that puts the national interest at the core; and that the national interest of the Philippines is to ensure the completion of flagship projects under the Build Build, Build program. We believe that the pursuit of an independent foreign policy is in line with the fundamental interests of the Philippines and its people.

The pragmatic cooperation between China and the Philippines has always been based on mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win results, and all projects are all conducted in compliance with the existing laws and regulations. The in-depth synergizing of China's Belt and Road initiative and the Build, Build, Build program has achieved fruitful results and is bringing more and more benefits to the people of our two countries. Chinese companies have made important contributions in this endeavor. I believe that any attempt to undermine the normal economic cooperation between China and the Philippines will never succeed.

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