Ambassador Liu Jianchao Talks the Full Establishment of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area with Guangzhou Daily
On 18 January, Ambassador Liu Jianchao, in an interview with China's Guangzhou Daily, touched upon the significance of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) for the regional economic growth and China-Philippines economic cooperation and trade to mutual benefit.
Ambassador Liu said that ASEAN members share positive common view that the full establishment of CAFTA plays a facilitating role in promoting regional economic development, for which China's economic growth has become both a stabilizer and a booster. China is willing to work together with ASEAN countries to seize the opportunity, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation and create win-win results for all the countries and peoples. Opportunities always come together with challenges. In order to well tackle the challenges, all countries in the region should bring into full play their own advantages, take active part in the competition and achieve higher level of economic development.
Ambassador Liu stressed that, in recent years, China and the Philippines have maintained growing strength in economic cooperation and trade, through which the two countries accumulated experiences and found feasible approaches that suit both. Under the CAFTA framework, we should have every confidence that China-Philippines trade and economic cooperation would be by all means expansive and promising.
Ambassador Liu added that Guangdong Province enjoys geographical proximity with the Philippines and is home to a host of prominent and competitive enterprises. He looked forward to more Chinese enterprises, those from Guangdong included, stepping up feasibility studies on investment in the Philippines, familiarizing themselves with related policies, expanding their local presence and tapping more potential areas for economic cooperation.
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