Philippine Senate President mourns Sichuan Quake Victims

        On May 22, Philippine Senate President Mannuel Villar came to the Chinese Embassy in Manila to mourn the victims of earthquake happened in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

        Villar conveyed the Philippine Senate's profound sorrow and condolence to the quake victims. He said the quake was so devastating that it was hard to imagine the anguish felt by those people who were left behind. Villar stressed that China is the important neighbor of the Philippines and the two peoples are always friends. He hoped that the people in the quake-stricken area will conquer the disaster and rebuild their home soon.

        Ambassador Song Tao thanked Villar for the sincere condolence and sympathy expressed by him and the Philippine Senate, saying that the Chinese people truly felt the friendship of the Philippine people. Ambassador Song believed that with the strong leadership of the Chinese Government and with the precious help from the friendly countries like the Philippines, the Chinese people will definitely achieve great victory in the fight against the quake.

        Accompanied by Ambassador Song, Villar stood in silent tribute to those died in the quake and signed on the condolence book.

        Right after the happening of the quake, Senate President Villar sent the message of condolence to the Chinese leaders and the Philippine Senate passed a resolution to mourn quake victims.

Ambassador Song and Senate President Villar Stood in Silent Tribute

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