Philippine House of Representatives passed resolution of condolence for Chinese earthquake victims

The House of Representatives of Republic of the Philippines passed House Resolution No. 600, extending deep condolence and profound sympathy to the victims of Chinese Sichuan earthquake.

The resolution points out that on 12 May 2008, the Earthquake devastates Sichuan and several other areas. Resulting into a death toll over 50,000, among which many are young school children. China has been a long-time neighbor and friend of RP. The two countries not only have good cooperation in trade and other areas, but also share mutual cultural and historical roots. In the wake of this recent cataclysmic earthquake, the House of representatives pass this resolution and express the deep sorrow and profound sympathy for the victims and casualties of the recent earthquake that hit Sichuan Province of China.

This resolution was sponsored by Rep. Zenaida Benedicto-Angping, vice chair of house committee of foreign affairs.

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