Statement of Chinese Embassy Spokesperson on the China Coast Guard Law and Some Other Issues

The Chinese Embassy, having noticed with regret many false accusations against China on the newly passed China Coast Guard Law and some other issues related to China, would hereby state as follows:

China Coast Guard is an administrative law enforcement agency. The formulation of the Coast Guard Law is a normal domestic legislative activity of China. The content of the law conforms to international conventions and the practices of the international community.

Enacting such a coast guard law is not unique to China, but a sovereign right to all. Many countries have enacted similar legislation. It is the Philippine Coast Guard Law of 2009 that established the PCG as an armed and uniformed service. None of these laws have been seen as a threat of war.

China Coast Guard Law doesn't specifically target any certain country. The enact of the law doesn’t indicate any change of China’s maritime policy. China has always been committed to managing differences with countries including the Philippines through dialogue and consultations and upholding peace and stability in the South China Sea.

Some forces in the Philippines, either for their own political interests or out of prejudice toward China, have not only misinterpreted China's normal legislation, but also fabricated and spread relentlessly fake news such as “China Coast Guard harassing Filipino fishermen”, despite repeated denial from authorities concerned including the Philippine armed forces of such an improbable case. They have also gone as far as to sensationalize the entry of a Chinese scientific survey ship into Philippine waters as an “intrusion”.

The fact is that the Chinese scientific survey ship is seeking humanitarian shelter in Philippine waters due to unfavorable weather and sea conditions in the Pacific where they are scheduled to conduct research mission. The ship has sought clearance and humanitarian assistance from the Philippine government and maintained communication with its relevant authorities all the time. Under UN Convention on the Law of the Sea(UNCLOS), International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and international customary law, every coastal state is obliged to provide necessary humanitarian assistance to save life at sea. It is a fact that China and the Philippines have been rendering assistance to each other on many similar humanitarian occasions.

Everyone is entitled freedom of speech. However, malicious hype-up and irresponsible and baseless accusations that run counter to common sense, are not acceptable and should not be appeased in a society that believes in rule of law and international norms as well as mutual respect.

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