Ambassador Huang Xilian and Secretary Dominguez agree to work together to push forward the implementation of cooperation projects between China and the Philippines
 On September 7, Ambassador Huang Xilian held a video conference with Carlos Dominguez, the Secretary of Finance of the Philippines, exchanged views on how to overcome the challenges and push forward the pragmatic cooperation between China and the Philippines. 
Ambassador Huang pointed out that since the outbreak of the pandemic, China and the Philippines had been helping and supporting each other and building a closer partnership through the anti-pandemic cooperation. As a close and friendly neighbor, China sent a team of medical experts as well as a large amount of critical medical supplies and equipments to the Philippines to assist the Philippines' fight against the pandemic. China will continue to stand together with the Philippine government and people to jointly tackle the challenge of the pandemic.

Ambassador Huang commended the efforts both teams had made to overcome the difficulties posed by the pandemic and work closely to promote the G-to-G cooperation projects. So far, the G-to-G cooperation projects between China and the Philippines have been implemented smoothly. Major projects have resumed operation at over 80% capacity. The in-depth synergies of China's Belt and Road initiative and the "Build, Build, Build" program have achieved fruitful results, contributing the recovery of the Philippine economy and bringing more and more benefits to the peoples of the two countries.
Ambassador Huang encouraged both sides to fulfill the consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and President Rodrigo Duterte during the recent telephone conversation and follow their guidance on working closely with each other under the "new normal" to promote the bilateral cooperation. Both sides are working closely to establish a "fast lane" for the movement of the key personnel and trying their utmost to help the projects resume full capacity. He expressed his belief in the Philippines' construction of an increasingly healthy and stable business environment that would exert a positive influence on the bilateral economic and trade cooperation in wide areas of mutual interest. He hoped that more and more projects would be launched and implemented in the Philippines in the near future so that the people would enjoy more tangible benefits created by the China-Philippines cooperation.

Secretary Dominguez appreciated China's support for the Philippines' fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and took note of China's experience of pandemic control and economic recovery. He said that the Philippines would continue to pursue the independent foreign policy and also expressed his willingness to collaborate with the Chinese side in pushing forward the G-to-G cooperation projects and other projects, in order to ensure the timely completion of flagship projects under the "Build, Build, Build" program and bring more benefits to the Philippine people.
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