Chinese Embassy Aids Philippine Laid-off Teacher During COVID-19 Pandemic

On 2 September, Counsellor Xie Yonghui of the Chinese Embassy visited teacher Eloisa Gicar at her sari-sari store in Caloocan City and handed over 50,000 pesos cash, 100 kilos of rice, 10 litre of cooking oil, 100 medical protective masks, and other materials donated by the Embassy.

Counsellor Xie conveyed Ambassador Huang Xilian's cordial greetings, and said that it is both the Chinese and the Philippine tradition to respect teachers. As the Philippine National Teacher’s Month is around the corner, it is our best wishes that you and all teachers in the Philippines would stay safe and healthy until the final victory in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, China and the Philippines have been helping and supporting each other to build a closer partnership through anti-pandemic cooperation. As a close and friendly neighbour across the sea, China has provided a large amount of medical supplies and sent an experts’ team to assist the Philippines’ battle against COVID-19. To help local families that are severely affected by the pandemic, the Chinese Embassy has been donating “Friendship Bag” containing essential living supplies to help them get through the difficulties. The Chinese Embassy will always stand together with the Philippine people during this trying time.

Ms. Gicar expressed appreciation to Ambassador Huang Xilian and the Chinese Embassy for the kind donation, believed that it will help her family tide over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, 65 year old Eloisa Gicar lost her job as a private school teacher and had to go out in the streets to sell goods for her family’s livelihood. Ms. Gicar’s photo of peddling chips and bread went viral on social media and touched a lot of people in China. After learning Ms. Gicar’s story, the Embassy contacted the family to express its support and solidarity.


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