Dialogue between Chinese Ambassador and Filipino Youth over the way to manage differences

On 22 June 2020, Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian awarded the winners of the “Hand in Hand: Drawing of the China-Philippines Relations in your Heart” in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic ties.

During the chatting between Ambassador Huang and Ms. Christianna Alyssa Torres Palentinos, one of the winners, the latter expounded on a strong argument that her art work titled “Hand in hand into the star” contains. She explained that by reading historical books, “I get a rough idea about the long-term friendly exchanges between the people of China and the Philippines and the history of establishing a profound traditional friendship between our two countries”.

“I think that our two peoples are like good brothers and sisters. Although there are differences on certain issues, for a long time we have been helping each other and living in harmony”, Ms. Christianna added. In addition, she expressed her firm belief that the two countries can achieve greater common good so long as they continue to work together and develop a stronger relationship.

Ambassador Huang appreciated her views and was happy to see that the Philippine youth could treat the relationship between China and the Philippines in a constructive and objective way. Ambassador Huang said that the peoples of China and the Philippines have been good friends and close relatives for thousand years. Even lovers and friends may have differences, but differences should not prevent them from loving and supporting each other.

Ambassador Huang emphasized that compared with the long history of Sino-Philippine friendship, the differences between us are only “a drop in the sea”. Because both sides may look at the differences from its own perspective, we need to properly handle and manage the differences. One should not hype up or magnify the disagreements indefinitely, neither allow such disagreements to hijack the overall relations between our two countries. Rather, we should solve differences through constructive dialogue and consultation in constructive manner. If the dispute is too complicated to be solved for short term, we could shelve it and wait till time matures.

Ambassador Huang also believed that the young generation of the Philippines would contribute to a more splendid future of China and the Philippines.


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