Chinese firms fully support the Philippines in its fight against COVID-19

The donation ceremony at which State Grid Corporation of China(SGCC) handed over 500,000 medical masks to the Philippine Red Cross(PRC) was held at the PRC headquarters in Manila, the Philippines, on Friday afternoon, May 8, 2020.

Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy Jiang Jianjun, Chief Director for the SGCC Philippine Office Shan Shewu, and Secretary General of the PRC Elizabeth S. Zavalla, among other guests, witnessed the handover during the ceremony.

Jiang noted that facing the outbreak of COVID-19, the Philippine government, the private sector and its people have taken solid and effective steps to contain the epidemic with extraordinary efforts and tremendous sacrifices. The Chinese side is fully empathetic with the Philippine side, and has decided to do its utmost to help, including donating a large amount of medical supplies. Some of the supplies have been delivered, and others are around the corner. meanwhile, we also encourage the Chinese businesses to donate money or supplies to help the Philippines combat the epidemic. The staff of the PRC, the most important humanitarian organization in the Philippines, have been working at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 at the risk of their own lives, We pay high tribute to them. We hope the 500,000 medical masks donated by SGCC will be distributed to the people who need them most as quickly as possible and help the Philippines tackle the challenge.

Zavalla said the Philippines is currently at critical moment of its battle against the epidemic with heavy demand of medical supplies. The PRC has received a lot of medical supplies from China through grant assistance and via commercial channels. Beyond that, some Chinese medical experts came here helping with the installation, commission and inspection of the equipment, to support the Philippines to fight the disease. At present, there is a massive consumption of the medical masks and other anti-epidemic materials in the Philippines. The masks donated by SGCC are just like rain on the thirsty land, which will be sent to the places where they are most needed as soon as possible. She expressed appreciation for China's assistance and support, and said it is hoped that the two sides could step up cooperation in the future to form huge synergy to triumph over the epidemic, a common enemy of humanity.

Since the epidemic broke out in the Philippines, the local Chinese businesses have been actively supporting the anti-epidemic efforts of the Philippines with deep empathy, and making every effort to take care of those most in need. During this epidemic, a large number of Chinese companies in the Philippines have kept their business running to guarantee the people's basic livelihood under the guidance of the Philippine government. In addition to retaining jobs for the locals, many Chinese companies have been actively fulfilling social responsibilities and offering help through donations to the best of their capacity. 

As of May 8, nearly 3 million medical items consisting of 2.65 million medical masks and 250,000 pieces of other medical supplies such as protective suits, gloves, and goggles, along with daily necessities and cash worth nearly 10 million pesos, have been donated to the Philippine side by the Chinese businesses in the Philippines. Those Chinese businesses include SGCC, Bank of China, Panhua Group, China Information Communication Technology Group, Power Construction Corporation of China, China Road and Bridge Corporation, China Railway Design Corporation, China Geo-Engineering Corporation, China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Energy Engineering Corporation, and Qingjian Group. Moreover, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), co-owned by SGCC, donated 1 billion pesos to the Philippine government. Dito Telecommunity, co-owned by China Telecom, donated 375,000 kg of rice to the local governments. Zhejiang Dahua Technology donated thermal temperature monitoring solution to the Philippines. Huawei provided technical support for diagnosis and treatment system using remote CT scans in Baguio General Hospital Medical Center. Chinese multinationals have also joined this donation. Among them, the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation has donated the first batch of 57,000 test kits and 500,000 medical masks to the Philippine government, while the second batch of 50,000 test kits will be sent soon. TikTok donated 1 million US dollars to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Medical Foundation. 51talk donated medical supplies with a total value of 5.25 million pesos to the Philippines. Many Chinese medical products manufacturers, such as Sansure Biotech and Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) Group, gave an active reply to the demand of the Philippine side and ensured sufficient supplies, and also dispatched the professional teams to provide the Philippines with the personnel training, equipment commission, and technical support.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has provided significant assistance to help the Philippine government in its response to the epidemic. As of May 8, China has delivered 30 ventilators, 102,000 test kits, 40,000 medical N95 masks, 310,000 surgical masks, and 15,000 medical protective suits to the Philippines. Apart from those above, 100 ventilators, 150,000 test kits, 70,000 protective suits, 70,000 medical N95 masks, 1.3 million surgical masks and 70,000 goggles will arrive in the Philippines soon later. Besides, the Chinese side has actively facilitated the Philippine side's purchase of medical supplies in China. A large number of medicines, test kits, and equipment have been shipped smoothly to the Philippines. China is also coordinating the purchase and delivery process of more medicines, ventilator, test kits, and equipment that are in short supply for the Philippines.

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