Ambassador Huang Xilian: China and the Philippines have been mutually supporting each other to tackle common challenge

On April 27, Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian held a video conference with board members of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc. (FFCCCII) to exchange views on how to jointly assist the Philippines' fight against COVID-19.

Ambassador Huang said that China and the Philippines are friendly neighbors and they have a fine tradition of helping each other in time of calamity. He recalled that at the most difficult moment earlier this year in China's fight against the virus, the Philippine government and people from all walks of life rendered massive support to tide the Chinese people over. "I personally received 53 boxes of well-needed relief goods donated by the Philippine government last February, which was a gesture of tremendous goodwill, solidarity and support to Chinese people", said Ambassador Huang. "Such valuable assistance will be remembered by Chinese government and people for ever. It's time for China to reciprocate the Philippines' goodwill when the Philippines is facing the same difficulties", added Ambassador Huang. He then briefed that in light of the need of the Philippines, Chinese government has sent a medical expert team to Manila to provide technical support and has been donating much-needed medical supplies, in addition to assisting the Philippines government's purchasing and transporting of medical supplies from China

Ambassador Huang said that China's assistance is in reciprocation to the Philippines' help and friendship rendered to China, demonstrating the tradition between China and the Philippines, which is to help and support each other during the time of trying. Ambassador Huang expressed his firm belief that facing the common challenge of the epidemic, China and the Philippines are a community with a shared future. "We will continue to help and support each other in the fight against COVID-19 so as to establish a solid partnership of mutual support between China and the Philippines", added Ambassador Huang.

Ambassador Huang also highly appreciated the support and contribution of all Filipino Chinese communities including the FFCCCII to the Philippines' fight against the epidemic. The Chinese Embassy will continue to cooperate with the Filipino Chinese communities to help the Philippines overcome the challenge.

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