Ambassador Huang Xilian: China provides best support and assistance to the Philippines

On April 17, 2020, Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian and the Chinese Medical Expert Team jointly held an online press conference with the media from both China and the Philippines. During the conference, Ambassador answered a question from PNA on China's assistance to the Philippines to fight against the epidemic besides dispatching the Medical Expert Team.

Ambassador Huang said that China and the Philippines are friendly neighbors across the sea and they have a fine tradition of helping each other in time of calamity. In light of the need of the Philippines, aside from sending a medical expert team to the Philippines to provide technical support and share its hard-won experience, China has also provided the following assistance to its best capabilities :

First, donating much-needed medical supplies. Up to now, the Chinese government has donated three batches of medical supplies to the Philippines, including 102,000 test kits, 400,000 surgical masks, 40,000 medical N95 masks, 15,000 medical protective suits, 5,000 medical face shields, and 30 non-invasive ventilators. Another new batch of most-needed supplies donated by the Chinese government will arrive at Manila in the near future. Moreover, localities such as Fujian, Hainan, Shangdong, Guangzhou, Nanning etc donated large quantities of medical suppliesand to their corresponding sister provinces and cities in the Philippines, including Ilocos Norte, Manila, Cebu, Davao etc. A number of enterprises and civil groups such as Jack Ma Foundation, Hong Kong Prudential Enterprise, Huawei, Bank of China and Panhua Group also donated large quantities of medical supplies including millions of PPEs to the Philippines.

Secondly, assisting the purchasing of medical supplies. China has made every effort to prioritize the supplies of medicine and medical equipment urgently needed by the Philippine side. We have coordinated through the intergovernmental collaboration mechanism, and provided a list of production and circulation enterprises of anti-epidemic medical supplies to the Philippines. We have also requested Chinese enterprises to ensure timely production and abundant supply to the Philippines in a prioritized manner. So far, China has assisted the Philippines in purchasing nearly 10,000 cubic meters of anti-epidemic supplies and a large amount of medicine, effectively meeting the demand of the Philippines.

Thirdly, assisting the transportation of medical supplies. In view of the current suspension of commercial flights between China and the Philippines, China has overcome various difficulties upon the request of the Philippines, coordinated with relevant departments to issue flight permit for the Philippine military aircraft to China, and arranged Chinese commercial chartered flights to deliver anti-epidemic supplies to the Philippines, which opened an "air life channel" between China and the Philippines. In addition, the Chinese Embassy also coordinated a chartered flight to deliver the well-needed PPEs purchased by the Philippine government from China to Manila. This unique "Goodwill Flight" demonstrates not only the new era partnership of mutual support between China and the Philippines during the time of trying, but also the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind advocated by the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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