Ambassador Huang Xilian and the Chinese Medical Expert Team Hold a Joint Press Conference

On April 17, 2020, Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian and the Chinese Medical Expert Team jointly held a press conference with the media from both China and the Philippines. Nearly 20 reporters from the Philippine News Agency, People's Television Network, ABS-CBN News Channel, GMA News, CNN Philippines, The Associated Press, World News, Chinese Commercial News, Xinhua News Agency, China Media Group, China News Service, and Guangming Daily were present during the conference.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Huang said upon the request of the Philippine government, the Anti-epidemic Medical Expert Team dispatched by the Chinese government arrived at Manila on April 5 to assist the Philippines in its fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. This Team is among the first three teams sent by the Chinese government to ASEAN countries. Most of the team members have had front line experience to fight against the epidemic. Ambassador Huang extended his utmost respect to them for heading for the front line once again to assist our friendly neighbor to fight against the epidemic without any fear. 

Ambassador Huang briefly introduced  the work of Chinese Medical Expert Team during the past two weeks, noting that they have been working around the clock to support the Philippines' efforts to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in the following aspects:

Firstly, they have met with the officials of Department of Health of the Philippines, the staff of the Incident Command System and the officers of WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific to exchange experience and practice, with the aim to further improve Philippine's epidemic prevention and control policies and enhance the diagnosis, treatment and executive ability.

Secondly, they have visited more than ten front-line medical agencies, such as Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Lung Center of the Philippines, and met extensively with public health officials and professionals. Besides providing China's latest Edition of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia's Diagnosis, they also shared with the Philippine side their rich clinical experience and diagnosis and treatment methods and in particular the protection measures for the medical staff.

Thirdly, they have held a number of video lectures on epidemic prevention and personal protection for all walks of Filipinos. More than 50,000 people at the peak joined the online lecture, covering not only Luzon but also Visayas and Mindanao. They also provided personal hygiene and health management guidance through video, hotline, WeChat and other channels for local Chinese communities, enterprises, students, teachers and other groups.

Ambassador Huang recalled that on April 14, he and Secretary Carlito. Galvez  attended the welcome ceremony of the relief goods delivered by the "Goodwill Flight" which was coordinated by Chinese Embassy. Secretary Galvez, on behalf of the Philippine government, expressed his thanks to Chinese government on dispatching the Medical Expert Team once again, and said "which showed the good relationship between the Philippines and China. We see that they are a big help.They have a lot of experience and lessons to share on how we could provide very intensive healthcare to our countrymen who were affected." Ambassador Huang appreciated this and deemed it as kind affirmation and encouragement to the Medical Expert Team.

Ambassador Huang also briefed the reporters that after exchanges with officials and experts and field research, the China Medical Expert Team is of the view that the Philippine government has taken prompt and strong prevention and control measures against the epidemic, which have been widely supported by the general public and are producing effective results. Based on China's anti-epidemic experience, the China Medical Expert Team has also put forward some technical suggestions with regard to improving diagnosis and treatment capabilities, building more medical and quarantine sites, and tracing the source of all suspected cases, for the reference of the Philippines to fight against the epidemic effectively.

Ambassador Huang stressed that China commends the anti-epidemic efforts of Philippine government and people, and fully supports the Philippine side to take effective response measures according to its national conditions. "China firmly believes that under the leadership of President Duterte, the Philippine government and people will overcome the epidemic at the earliest. China will continue to provide our support and assistance to the best of our ability to the Philippines,  and stand together with the Philippine government and people to jointly tackle the challenges and tide over the difficulties, added Ambassador Huang.

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