Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua Joins Filipinos to Celebrate the 2569th Birthday of Confucius

On 28 September 2018, a ceremony was held at the Chinese Garden, Rizal Park, Manila City to celebrate the 2569th birthday of Confucius, an ancient Chinese educator and philosopher.



The ceremony was graced by Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua,  BUHAY Party List Representative Lito Atienza, President Patrick Cua and Chair Emeritus George Siy of the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) as well as over 100 teacher representatives and media agencies. Although not present, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque and Senator Cynthia Villar gave their well wishes through videos.

Giving his keynote address, the Ambassador highlighted the significance of Confucius and his teachings to the China-Philippines relations. He also emphasized the importance of education as this ceremony coincided with the celebration of World Teachers' Month.


"Confucius enlightened us with his insights on handling international relations. His firm belief that 'peace is the most precious' has been well reflected in China's foreign policy… When handling disputes with other countries, we always try the utmost to seek common ground while shelving differences, which exactly reflects Confucius' thought of 'harmony without uniformity'. Confucius also taught us, 'do not do onto others when you would not have others do onto you' which has evolved into the principle of equal-footing and mutual respect," said the Ambassador.


"The significance of commemorating Confucius is to draw on and carry forward his valuable thoughts. One of the most significant and effective methods should be through education. I make no exaggeration to say that education is the most important policy for the developing countries such as China and the Philippines," he added.


BUHAY Party List Representative Lito Atienza imparted words of affirmation to the current status of China-Philippines relations and how the two countries and their citizens could benefit from the teachings of Confucius.



"I am happier because the Philippines is now in a direction which I have always maintained. We should be associated more with China than any other part of the world. Many of us as part Chinese in the first place. We want our country to develop in a direction that is anchored on history and reality… You should be proud of it as I am proud to be part Filipino and Chinese," said Atienza.


"I have already imprinted that in my own mind and in my own spirit: that we should all be behaving like human who was taught by Confucius. We should also consider humanity as emphasized by Confucius," he added.


Senator Villar, in her video message, reminded the people of legacy of Confucius in shaping the hearts and minds of Filipinos in finding wisdom and enlightenment.


"It is through the influence of teachers, like Confucius, that affect us beyond eternity. During this time and age where forced information is peddled as truth, it is good to know that we have the truths of Confucius' teaching to reflect on. And as Confucius said, the more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be this world and the world at large," said Villar.


The guests also gathered in front of the statue of Confucius to pay their respect to this great Chinese philosopher. The Philippine university students showcased instrumental and dance performances to cap off the celebration. 

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