When "China Theater" Meets PTV


On 13 June 2018, the Inauguration Ceremony of China Theater, program that brings Chinese content to the Philippines through the People's Television Network (PTV), was held at New World Hotel, Makati City.

Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua graced the ceremony together with Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar and Undersecretary George Apacible, People's Television (PTV) General Manager Dino Apolonio, Director General of the International Cooperation Department of Chinese State Administration of Radio and Television Ma Li, Head of China Media Task Group Hu Mu, , and other representatives of the government and media from both China and the Philippines.

During his remarks Ambassador Zhao said that China Theater, which he calls the "DreamWorks" made in China, will add fresh impetus to further build on people-to-people exchanges, one of the "Three Pillars" for  the China-Philippines relations.

"From now on, our Filipino friends could, for the first time, watch Chinese TV series, documentaries, cartoons, and movies dubbed in Tagalog on PTV. A new window is now opening to millions of people in the Philippines to better understand China, its people, their long history, their rich culture, their daily lives, their endeavor, and their dreams," said Ambassador Zhao.

"As William Blake's poem reads,  To see a world in a grain of sand, and hold infinity in the palm of your hand. I really look forward to China Theater serving as a 'grain of sand' for the Philippines to grasp a comprehensive view of China and, most importantly, to get inspired in the joint endeavor to turn their dreams into realities." the Ambassador added.


Secretary Andanar said, "Today we just made history. The China Theater that we are launching today will showcase four of the best Chinese productions on the Philippine television."


"I would like to thank my friend, Ambassador Zhao, for opening the world of broadcast, print, television, and radio of China to the Philippines," he added.


Undersecretary George Apacible also sends his thanks not only for this momentous project but also for the continuous training programs and exchanges of Philippine media groups in China.


"China and PH are embedded in a long history of friendly exchanges. Thank you for strengthening our commonality and the Information Silk Road of this century" said Apacible.


PTV General Manager Dino Apolonio, in his remarks, said that "China Theater is contributing immensely in the proliferation of relevant content… I cannot stress further enough that the content from China Theater does not only provide good content but also serves as a tool for the Philippines and China to gain a deeper understanding of each other."


Director General Ma Li and Mr.Hu Mu both envision greater cooperation between the two countries with the launching of China Theater.


"The cooperation of Chinese and Philippine TV has far-reaching significance in the relations between China and the Philippines. Our cooperation in the media sector has been gaining momentum with both countries streaming Chinese and Philippine shows with each other… I hope this  project will be a catalyst in the broadcasting sector between our two countries and serve to build on the Belt and Road Initiative," Ma said.



China Theater in PTV would start its premiere in August this year. It will be jumpstarted with four Chinese programs: A 58-episode Filipino Dubbed Drama entitled "Jimao (Feather Flies to the Sky", a Chinese romance film - "Beijing Love Story", a documentary entitled "Marco Polo: Ang Makabagong Paglalakbay", and a cartoon series  "Sammy at Jimie". These productions will be the first of the many programs that China Theater will present to its Filipino audience in the years to come.

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