Chinese Embassy Celebrates Christmas with Ambassador Scholarship Recipients

On 29 November 2017, the Chinese Embassy held a Christmas gathering for the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship Recipients from the University of the Philippines and the Philippine Normal University .

The special day was for the 43 young students from both universities in order to celebrate the nearing holidays and it also served as a chance for the students to interact with the Chinese diplomats

Ambassador Zhao Jianhua said in his welcoming remarks that the Scholarship was a small effort to help the students in need and   encourage those who are excellent in academic studies.

"The aim is clear. It is to enhance the friendship between the Chinese people and the Filipino people. The friendship and cooperation between our two countries belong to the younger generations," Zhao said.

"The China-Philippine relations enjoyed favorable momentum and remarkable achievements in 2017. I would like to say that the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship is only a small part of what we have been doing to promote our bilateral relationship. It is an opportunity for us to interact with and understand each other much better, and an opportunity for you to experience our friendship and hospitality," he added.

Together with the students were UP Executive Vice President Teodoro Hermosa and PNU Vice President Bert Tuga, who expressed their gratitude to the Chinese Ambassador in their remarks.

"We are a neighbor to China and our two countries have a very long relationship. We consider the Embassy a valuable partner to improving the lives of the Filipino people. These activities will promote understanding, harmony, and dialogue between our two countries and peoples," said UP Executive Vice President Herbosa.

"I extend our sincerest appreciation to Ambassador Zhao Jianhua. We are happy to be of a partnership with the Chinese Embassy for promoting education. Thank you and may our collaboration continue to flourish in the years to come," said PNU Vice President Tuga. 

Furthermore, two Scholarship recipient representatives also gave special speeches of appreciation. 

"We are very grateful for the opportunity given to us. As scholars we will be opening the leeway for everyone's success. This is a good platform for both cultures to communicate and interact with each other," said Daryl Cabalan a graduating student from PNU.

"Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude. The blessing you, Ambassador Zhao, have delivered upon us is very appreciated. Thank you. This Scholarship will really help me," another graduating PNU student who survived the destructive Typhoon Yolanda in 2013 said. 

The event was filled with happiness as the students rejoiced in Chinese food, put on their prepared cultural performances and joined in fun games.

The Chinese Ambassador Scholarship was launched in September 2014 at UP and PNU to help the needy students pursue their academic studies. So far, all in all 121 students from both universities have benefited from the Scholarship.


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