Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on September 29, 2016

Q: It seems that Philippine President Duterte has come under fire from the US, the EU and some human rights groups for his harsh crackdown on drug crimes. Yesterday, President Duterte said that he has become the favorite whipping boy of the human rights groups all over the world. What is your comment?

A: Drugs are the common enemy faced by all mankind. Fighting drug crimes is a shared responsibility of all countries around the world. The Chinese government is resolute in cracking down on drug crimes. With clearly-defined policies and notable achievements, China is a staunch force in the international endeavor against drug crimes.

For a long time, the Chinese government has been playing a positive role in the international anti-drug campaign. Under the leadership of President Duterte, the new Philippine government enacted policies that prioritize combating drug-related crimes. China understands and supports that. We stand ready to have anti-drug cooperation with the Philippines and formulate a common action plan for it.

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