Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Regular Press Conference on September 20, 2016

Q: According to media reports, Philippine Foreign Minister Perfecto Yasay said on September 15 when delivering a speech in the US that the time for the Philippines and China to negotiate on territorial disputes was yet to come, and that the Philippines could only talk with China about the territorial dispute in the South China Sea based on the ruling of arbitration. Then he said on September 16 when meeting with Filipinos in the US that the Philippines was arranging bilateral negotiation with China on the South China Sea issue through diplomatic channel with no pre-conditions. Do you have any comment on his remarks?

A: China's position on the so-called arbitration case is clear, and so is China's stance on peacefully resolving disputes through consultation and negotiation. The door for bilateral talks between China and the Philippines is always open.

A steady, friendly and sound China-Philippines relationship meets the fundamental interests of the two countries and the common aspiration of their people. It is hoped that the Philippines can work with us, show sincerity for dialogues, properly deal with relevant disputes through negotiation and consultation based on mutual respect and trust, and bring bilateral relations back to the track of sound development at an early date.

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