Ambassador Huang Xilian: Share the Beauty of the Chinese Language, Renew the Thousand-year-old Friendship, and Jointly Write a New Chapter of China-Philippines Relations
2021-07-23 18:05

On July 23, Ambassador Huang Xilian delivered an inspirational video message at the Opening Ceremony of Online Mandarin Training Course, organized by the Bulacan Chamber of Commerce and Industry(BCCI) and the Confucius Institute at Bulacan State University(BulSU)  through online streaming. Governor Daniel R. Fernando of Bulacan Province, President Cecilia S. Navasero-Gascon of BulSU, Chairperson Corina T. Bautista and President Victor F. Mendoz from BCCI spoke on the occasion. Dozens of participants, including teachers of Confucius Institute at BulSU and students of this training course, joined this event.


Amb. Huang emphasized the relevance and significance of learning Chinese language, being a bridge of communication, cooperation and mutual understanding, to forging closer comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Philippines in the new era, and vice versa. He said that enhancing mutual understanding and amity between China and the Philippines has proved to be responsive to the common aspirations of the two peoples, and also in line with the trend of times. He expressed his appreciation for advocates and enthusiasts of Chinese language learning in the Philippines, wished the students enjoy the beauty of Chinese, make achievements in the course, and put to good use what they acquire. He also encouraged more Filipino friends to learn Chinese and see a true, multi-dimensional and panoramic China with their own eyes so as to become active supporters, contributors and beneficiaries of China-Philippines friendship and mutual learning.


Governor Fernando extended congratulations on the successful launch of this course. He stressed the importance of Chinese community to local society and China as a global economic and trading partner to the Philippines, including Bulacan Province. He thanked all parties involved in this training course, which is essential to getting to know China, strengthening the domestic cohesion of the Philippines, and deepening bilateral cooperation between the two countries. He looked forward to greater contributions made by the students to the economic and social development of Bulacan and other areas of the Philippines and the friendship between the two countries.


The  Confucius Institute at Bulacan State University, the second CI established in the Philippines, was formally launched on February 28, 2009. The first one is established at the Ateneo de Manila University.

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