Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin's Regular Press Conference on December 20, 2011

Liu Weimin briefed the press on China's views on the DPRK situation and China-DPRK relations and answered other questions.

Q: It is reported that Syria signed on December 19 the protocol which allows the Arab League to send observers to Syria. How does China comment?

A: China welcomes the signing of the protocol between the Arab League and Syria and hopes that the protocol will be implemented in real earnest so as to create conditions for the political settlement of the Syrian issue within the Arab League framework.

Q: The Japanese Government today decided to introduce F-35 fighters as its major fighters of the next generation. How does China comment? Does China see it as a threat?

A: The Chinese side always believes that peace, development and cooperation are the trends of the world and hopes that relevant country can contribute to regional and world peace and stability as China does.

Q: Will the meeting of special representatives on the China-India boundary issue be held next month? Second question, the US, Japan and India held their first trilateral meeting in Washington. How does China comment?

A: On your first question, the Indian and Chinese sides are in communication on the specific date of the 15th Special Representatives' Meeting on the China-India Boundary Issue and we will release information in due course.

On your second question, the Chinese side has noted relevant report. The US, Japan and India are all influential countries in the Asia Pacific. We hope their trilateral meeting will contribute to regional peace, stability and development.

Q: It is reported that recently riots took place in some cities of Kazakhstan, causing casualties. How does China comment?

A: China has been concerned over the riots in Kazakhstan and supports its measures to restore social order, protect personal and property safety of the people and uphold national stability. We believe the Kazakh Government and people will be able to handle the issues they face.

Q: It is reported that Japan detained a Chinese fishing boat and its crew members on December 20. Please brief us on that. Has China made representations with Japan?

A: The Japanese side has informed the Chinese side of the situation and we are verifying it. China requires Japan to earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese sailors and properly handle this matter.

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