People Power a continuing revolution to remind us of the responsibilities we must still collectively fulfill - P-Noy
As the nation celebrates the 25th anniversary of the People Power revolution, President Benigno S. Aquino III challenged Filipinos to remain steadfast in keeping with the principles of this "continuing revolution" in order to achieve "another possibility that has for so long eluded us: that of our nation fulfilling its great potential.
In his speech at the opening of a photo exhibit by photojournalist and Pulitzer prize winner Kim Komenich at the Ayala Museum Monday night, the President said the yearly EDSA People Power commemorations should serve to
remind us of our "responsibilities that we must still collectively fulfill."
"Since 1986, so many tyrants have been toppled with very little blood being spilled. The Filipino people made this possible. And while we gave that possibility to the world, another possibility has for so long eluded us: that of our nation fulfilling its great potential," the President said.
"That is why I believe our yearly EDSA commemorations are more than just celebrations. They are reminders of the responsibilities we must still collectively fulfill," he added.
"As we look back fondly on the 1986 EDSA Revolution, we must also remember to sustain that spirit of unity because our triumph back then only remains a triumph if we make certain that each and every Filipino lives free from the darkness of oppression today."
He said his government's programs to alleviate poverty, provide jobs, ensure justice and commitment to long lasting transparency and accountability within the ranks are some of the tasks being undertaken to address this.
"Make no mistake about it: we are a country in the midst of a continuing revolution, and we must all continue working for the sake of what our heroes fought for, and some died for," the President said.
The people know that we are gaining ground: with the lifelines we are providing for the poorest of the poor; the jobs that will be waiting for skilled graduates; the justice we are ensuring for our citizens; and above all, the transparency and accountability we are instilling in our institutions," he added.
He stressed that the Filipino is "capable of once again standing under that yellow banner of solidarity, of showing the world what the Filipino is capable of, and of allowing them to stand witness to the vibrancy and power of a people claiming their own destiny."
He called on all Filipinos to help their government fulfill the promise of every revolution: "that the people will disperse and go back to their homes, with their heads held high and their hearts full; able to allow their children to inherit the future they rightfully deserve."