Li Keqiang Meets with Speaker of the National Assembly Laszlo Kover of Hungary

On the afternoon of November 28, 2017 local time, Premier Li Keqiang met with Speaker of the National Assembly Laszlo Kover of Hungary at Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest.

Li Keqiang expressed that China-Hungary friendship enjoys a time-honored history. I can truly feel the friendly feelings of the Hungarian people towards the Chinese people from this visit. China stands ready to work with Hungary to consolidate traditional friendship and expand cooperation in various fields so as to let China-Hungary relations achieve more outcomes that will benefit the two peoples.

Li Keqiang noted that for years, the legislative institutions of China and Hungary have kept sound exchanges and cooperation, playing an important role in promoting bilateral relations. It is hoped that the two countries will continue strengthening exchanges at more levels, expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges in Chinese language education and tourism, inject intellectual impetus in boosting bilateral relations and cooperation in the future by exploring each other's accumulation of culture and history, and consolidate the public opinion foundation.

Laszlo Kover congratulated Li Keqiang on his successful visit to Hungary and attendance at the Summit of China and Central and Eastern European Countries. He expressed that developing Hungary-China relations is the extensive consensus of all political parties of the Hungarian National Assembly. Hungary admires China's development achievements and long-standing and splendid culture. At present, the "Chinese language craze" in Hungary demonstrates that more and more Hungarian people, the youth in particular, have recognized the importance of Hungary-China relations. These young people carry the future of Hungary-China friendly cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will further expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges in the fields of culture, education, tourism, youth, and inter-party and exchanges at local level so as to push Hungary-China relations towards a higher level.

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