Wang Yi Introduces China's Position on Issue of the Rohingya People

On November 18, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was visiting Bangladesh, gave an interview to journalists introducing China's position on the issue of the Rohingya people in the Rakhine State, Myanmar, which is widely concerned by the international community.

Wang Yi said that this issue is caused by the turmoil in Myanmar and its aftermath in Bangladesh, bringing impacts and burdens to Bangladesh. Bangladesh overcame difficulties and provided timely humanitarian aid to the affected people. China appreciates the efforts and contributions made by Bangladesh. China has provided immediate emergency humanitarian assistance to Bangladesh and is willing to provide further assistance according to the actual needs of Bangladesh.

Wang Yi said that both Bangladesh and Myanmar are close neighbors and good friends of China. As a Chinese saying goes, "the palm of your hand and the back of your hand are both important." China is willing to play a role in properly resolving this issue between Bangladesh and Myanmar. To this end, we have repeatedly advised the Myanmar side to achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible to avoid more local people entering Bangladesh, and to consult with Bangladesh as soon as possible to find a solution acceptable to both sides. We have seen that the fighting has subsided currently, and the situation is clearly easing. The two sides have conducted a number of interactions and are expected to sign a repatriation agreement. China is pleased with and welcomes that.

China has always held that this issue should be handled properly by Bangladesh and Myanmar through bilateral channels. Only if an agreement that can be accepted by related parties is reached will the agreement be enforceable and sustainable, and gain understanding and support from all walks of life in the countries concerned. The international community, including the United Nations Security Council should provide favorable conditions and create a sound environment to promote bilateral consultations between Bangladesh and Myanmar. We are convinced that under the support and assistance of the international community, Bangladesh and Myanmar will surely be able to further ease the situation and find ways to fundamentally resolve the issue through negotiation. If needed, China would also like to further offer assistance and convenience.

Wang Yi pointed out that the issue of the Rohingya people is a long-standing one which involves complicated factors such as history, nation and religion. It is necessary to solve the top priority, but also pay attention to comprehensive management. Current goals should be combined with long-term goals and temporary solutions should be combined with a cure for root causes. Poverty is a major source of instability and conflict. The international community should pay more attention to and support local poverty reduction and development, promote development through poverty alleviation and pursue peace through development so as to solve the issue fundamentally. China is willing to provide necessary assistance and make efforts in accordance with the needs of related countries.

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