Wang Yi Meets with Deputy Foreign Minister Lê Hoài Trung of Viet Nam

On December 13, 2016, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with the delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Lê Hoài Trung of Viet Nam, who was in Beijing for the Plenary Meeting of China-Vietnam Governmental Delegation on Border Negotiation.

Wang Yi fully affirmed that China and Viet Nam maintain consultations on the issue of territorial border, and actively commit to discussing on development and cooperation in low-sensitive areas. He stated that proper control of boundary and maritime issues and the sound and stable development of China-Viet Nam relations promote, complement and reinforce each other. The management and settlement of border issues play a "stabilizer" role in the development of bilateral relations. Constantly deepening practical cooperation between the two countries serves as an "engine" for the settlement of territorial and border issues. Both sides should meet each other halfway and achieve positive interaction.

Wang Yi stressed that maintaining strategic communication between leaders of the two parties and countries is conducive to enhancing strategic mutual trust and deepening strategic cooperation, and is also of great significance to stabilizing the regional situation. Both sides should well plan and design high-level mutual visits for next year. Viet Nam is an important neighbor of China in both the land and maritime Silk Road. Both sides should speed up the alignment between the "Belt and Road" initiative and the "Two Corridors and One Ring" plan, and launch a cross-border economic cooperation zone as soon as possible so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results and enrich the connotation of China-Viet Nam comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

Lê Hoài Trung expressed that the party, government and people of Viet Nam are sincerely delighted at the proactive development momentum maintained in Viet Nam-China relations. The Vietnamese side always remembers and appreciates that the party, government and people of China have provided tremendous assistance and support to Viet Nam's revolution and construction. The Vietnamese side is willing to, together with China, maintain close communication, actively promote pragmatic cooperation in all fields, appropriately deal with conflicts and disputes, safeguard regional peace and stability and serve the common interests of the two countries and the two peoples.

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